Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Let Go....

Lord, why do I stress over things? Why do I think there's something I can do about them, like I'm in control? Time and time again, I've done something with that idea in mind, only to fall flat on my face. I can NOT fix it! But....I know Who can!

I'm learning. I've been praying for almost as long as I've been breathing. Somehow, I always knew that You were there, and listening. Of course, my early prayers were more like playing "Let's Make A Deal" with You and most often those prayers were answered in a way that I was happy with. As I grew older...and a little wiser...I learned to pray in a different way, but still hoped things would turn out my way. Now, these days, this old lady has learned that YOUR way is the best way, no matter what I might ask for or think I'd like to see.

I've figured out that there's really not one thing I can do about anything, and that worrying is such a waste of time. When I pray, I know You hear. I know You are not sleeping or inactive. I know You are interested in doing what is best, and I know that no matter what I want, You will have Your will. So....I'm learning to let go.

Thank you, Jesus, for always doing what is best. Thank you for helping me to Let Go and turn it over to You. You've already got the controls, but You do delight in hearing me say, "Go ahead. You drive. I'll just sit back and watch the scenery."

I love You, Lord! Drive on.....and I'll try not to be a back seat driver.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Lord, I'm having one of those Goliath moments. You know....the ones that are too big to think of without some heart pounding and some mind racing. No matter what speeches I give to myself, the fears continue to rise.

Yes, I know, Lord. There's no sense getting stressed out about the unknown future events. But that's exactly what causes the stress....the unknown! When you know what to expect, you can prepare yourself to deal with it. But there's no dealing with the unknown.

I guess that's where trust in You comes into play. Why would I need to trust if I knew what was coming and how to deal with it? So, I determine to trust You in this stuff, and stop trying to figure these things out. I make a decision, here and now, to place this in your hands and not take it back. I place it in your hands and leave it there. You know best how to untangle the knots and make straight the entanglements that cause confusion and mess. I don't know how to handle anything, and anything I do would not accomplish anything, for I don't know what I'm facing in the future. And....what can I do about it, anyway?

Here, Lord. Take these stresses, these fears and this giant moment that weighs on me. I ask that You might refill those spaces within me with peace and knowledge that You've got it all under control. I know You do....and I will practice trusting You for whatever I'll need today and in the future days. You know that I love You, Lord and I know that You love me. Together we'll get through the known and the unknown.

Thank you, Lord....for....everything.