Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Morning By Morning...

Most mornings, I am up before the sun. I like to rise early and watch the day unfold. The sky, hiding the light, seems eery and somewhat forboding. This is a very special, quiet time for me. I take great pleasure in standing at the kitchen sink waiting for the coffee to brew and for the sun to peek over the horizon. The glow is warm on a winter day, and welcome, as I'm not fond of the darkness. Usually I watch, until the ball of light is up and over the dark pines, before I go about my business. Others spend that very special time asleep, missing the wonder of it all.

The Light in a dark world is much like that. The Son comes, shining, to brighten the world and shed His warmth around us. He is welcomed by some who long to be enfolded in His wonder. Others are 'asleep', unaware, or not caring, that the Light has come to offer enrichment to their lives, to take the fear away, to bring blessed hope, to guide them. Those of us who have responded to the Light know that nothing will be hidden as the Light reveals all within the darkness. We know that our path is well lit, and there is nothing to fear as we travel the road.

I don't like to sleep, it almost seems a waste of time, after a certain point. I get all the rest I need, but I want to wake to see what each new morning will bring. I want to watch the weather to see what it promises. There are blessings each day that I want to experience.

Similarly, I want to be wide awake in the Day of the Lord. I don't want to miss a thing by being asleep. I want to be found working for His glory, basking in the Light! I have wasted too much time during the years before I watched the Son rise on me and responded to it. Not another moment! I will rise and watch and wait and work 'til the day when He appears.

And when I hear that great trumpet sound in the clouds, I will rise ...into the skies! I will walk into the sunlight, as I've lived in the Son's Light, and there I will live, morning by morning, forever in the House of the Lord.
Even so, Lord Jesus, come!