Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Right Words...

My daughter is feeling sadness during this time when a member of her husband's family is going through a stressful time of ill health. They live many states apart, and when the reports come from family in Pennsylvania, they are often conflicting. Their words tend to take my daughter's household on a rollercoaster ride, because they aren't there to see for themselves what the truth is.

This morning I offered all the comfort that I could, but my words have no real wisdom or comfort to offer, try as I might.  However, I also gave her the scripture, Phil 4:6-7.  Later she wrote to say thank you for that, and that she would pass the words along to the Pennsylvania folk, for she was sure they'd find comfort in the scripture too.

It gave me pause for thought.  When our hearts are hurting for someone else in their situation, we want so much to say the 'right' thing.....something that will cause their stresses to ease and their pain to lessen.  We feel compassion, and yet there are times when there's absolutely nothing one can say that will help.  The Lord, however, knows how to reach down and give His ultimate soothing.  His voice will speak to the depths of hearts and minds, and His words will speak "Peace, be still" to those whose lives are being battered by life's storms. 

Aren't we blessed to know a Savior who cares for us with the deepest love? Isn't it wonderful to have the knowledge that He knows every single detail of every single situation, and that not one speck of our emotion goes unnoticed?  Isn't it a tremendous relief to know that the God of all creation has time to speak just the right thing at the right time?  And, what joy it is to know that He has given us a Book full of His comfort, and all we need to do is to pick it up in order to hear Him speak?!

Though we may flounder in our efforts, God always has just the Right Word!