Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Gift...

Today is her birthday. She told me yesterday that she cannot believe that she is eighty-three years old. She said it seems to her that it is all a dream.

That she is still with us, in good health and perfect mentality is a dream for each of us. This true version of a Proverbs 31 woman is an inspiration to us. She has set the example that I choose to follow as a Christian woman, a gentle, quiet spirit with a heart set on the Lord.

She has worked for the good of others for as long as I've known her, and even longer. She does not care for others to 'recognize' her in any way, she is that humble, but I find great admiration for her in her efforts to lighten the load in any way she can for those who are burdened. I know, as her daughter, things that others will never know, as to the good works she has accomplished over the years. She is not a Pharisee who stands on the corners, shouting of her deeds. No, she is standing in the closet, in humility.

I once heard the actress, Ellen Burstyn giving an interview in which she said something similar to this: "You are the only you in the world. If you do not give yourself to others, they will be denied a gift."

Today we will celebrate her birthday, six of us gathering for a special dinner, and on Saturday a larger party. We will shower her with gifts, but in fact, it is we who have been given the gift, the presence of this blessing in our lives. Happy Birthday,Mom.