Wednesday, April 29, 2009


God did not bless me with a sibling called a 'sister'. My mother had three of them and two half-sisters, as well. I watched Mom and my aunts' relationships and always thought of them as best friends. It made the fact that I didn't have a sister even more vivid to me.

I always thought how wonderful it would be to have another girl in the house that I could share secrets with, borrow clothing from and do things with. I was quite close to one of my brothers and grateful for both of them, but they weren't sisters!

Over the years I've been fortunate to have some very good friends. Through our growing up we shared the experiences of sleep-overs, dating, shopping sprees, and all the wonders of being a teenaged girl. Later, we shared marriage plans, weddings, childbirth, child rearing, failing marriages, deaths of loved ones, moves across the miles. We've shared phone calls, prayers, encouragement. We've even, on occasion, shared disagreements and short separation. These friends have been like sisters, and the closest thing I've ever had to one.

As I look back at my Mom's relationship with her sisters and compare those with the times I've shared with my female companions, I've come to wonder, are my relationships any different? Is it blood which makes women 'sisters'? Or, could it be something more? Perhaps it is the tying of heart strings rather than sanguinity. I believe that might be so.


Probably every Christian knows the reasons to pray and the power there is in prayer. Certainly, I have seen the wonders that come from laying my concerns before the God of the Universe. I firmly believe that if we are obedient to God in praying, He will bless us in our obedience. He will answer, according to His will, not our own, but He will answer.

We need to pray for many reasons. God is our Father, and He created us to have fellowship with Him. He desires for us to talk with Him about all things in our thoughts and lives. Can you imagine going through life and not speaking with your mother, father or others who love you?
Would you spend the day on an outing with a friend and not discuss it with them as you go? God is with us in every moment, and I'm sure He'd like to have us share with Him as we walk through the day.

There are times when we behave in ways that aren't pleasing to God, things that are in disobedience to what He's taught. At those times, it's especially important to pray...for forgiveness. We need to ask for a restructuring of our thoughts and actions. He will be faithful to answer this prayer!

We need to pray when we feel thankful. So often we are overcome with gratitude in our lives. Sometimes it's just something small that happens but we are so glad for the occurance. God is the giver of all good gifts, and we should not forget to thank Him for them, no matter how small the gift might appear to be. Can you imagine giving your best to someone you love, and never receiving a thank you for it? It would hurt you, wouldn't it? Let us remember to give God His due...our praise for His goodness and our thanks for His gracious gifts.

I cannot think of a time when it would not be appropriate to speak with our Father. When we are hurt, He cares. When we need direction or correction, He'll provide it. Whatever we need, it will be provided, but the Lord delights in our prayers. As Paul writes in I Thess 5:17, "Pray, without ceasing." In every situation, in every moment, remember to speak with the Lord.