Friday, January 20, 2012

Loosening My Grip

There have been so many times when life has handed me a situation that needs to be handled in some way.  Since it's always been my natural inclination to try to fix things myself, that was often what I attempted to do. Of course, through trial and error, I'd quickly discover that my attempts were not successful. In fact, often I've only made matters worse.

Hanging on to something so tightly is almost like being in handcuffs, like being a prisoner. You really can't do anything in such matters, and trying to untangle things seems only to tie it in more knots.

At some point, and I'm not sure when, the words "let go and let God" hit me like a bolt of lightening.  Oh sure, I knew I should let God handle things...and I almost always prayed that He would, but I actually didn't let go of things, so how on earth could He do it?  I had my hand wrapped around the situation in such a way that there was no sign of release.

Whenever it was that I got that message, I did let go. I did give it totally over to the Lord.  Do you know what happened when I loosened my grip?  I realized that when I emptied my hands of that problem, God was able to fill them with something else....something good!  He filled them, and my mouth, and my heart....with praise, with thanksgiving, with gratitude.

There's no freedom like release.... ! Ask any prisoner who has done his time and has seen the doors of the jail cell flung open!  Loosen your grip....and let go and let God.