Wednesday, October 19, 2011


I've heard it said, rather tongue in cheek, that we should never pray for patience, for if we do, we will be given situations that develop patience in us as we deal with them.  Let me say here that I have NOT prayed for patience, but I certainly have been plagued with situations and people who try the measure of that virtue that I've developed thus far.

When I was raising my children, I thought I had a good deal of patience. Apparently, these days,  the Lord thinks that I should be developing even more.  Either I'm not learning very well, or I'm meant to be the most patient of all people on earth.

Lord, I'm lifting these 'spiritual weights'. I'm really trying to be strong in You! It's often hard to bridle my tongue and not scream at those who are frustrated or are frustrating me!  Forgive me for my failures and fill me, I pray, with things that please you. For every negative in me that is so easy to practice, You have a positive that You would like to replace it with.  I need those positives, I know....but I'm really not happy that I have to work so hard with these weights to build that spiritual muscle. I guess I'm a lazy Christian sometimes.

Please, just stand beside me, Lord...and don't let me lose these rounds in this battle.  I'm not going to give up, but please continue to encourage me to hang in there. You are my spiritual 'trainer'....and I can't do it without You.  Help me through the challenges, until I've met the goal of becoming as patient as You want me to be.

Thanks, Lord!