Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Snow on Me...

This winter I've heard many weather reports of snow and much grumbling from those back home who've had enough of it this year. They are ready for Spring.

When I think of the beauty of the snow I'm missing here in the south, other thoughts come...spiritual ones. I think of how the snow falls, covering the earth in a silent, gentle, yet effective, way. Isn't it just like the way You come to us? In a gentle, silent, yet very effective manner, You cover our cold hearts with a blanket of pure love. We are cleansed and our hearts lie under the covering You provide.

In time, the light brightens, the sun warms the ground, and the snow melts away. The pliable soil jumps forth in the blossoming of Springtime. Much like that, our lives are warmed by the true Light of the Son, and we awaken to a newness of living. The dead in us has been tossed away and the earth of our hearts has become softer, ready to bloom in all glory!

Thank you Lord...for the way You teach me simple lessons. Warm me, work with me, Lord, until I am fertile for the seeds You've planted. Then, Father, let me grow and blossom that the world around may see that I belong to You.