Tuesday, October 20, 2009


We've been in the process of renewal of the first floor of our home, following a major flood caused by an appliance disconnecting itself. Our carpets and flooring had to be torn out and discarded because they were saturated. The insulation beneath the house was ripped out for the same reason. Having this 'empty space' to fill with my new vision for the place was invigorating to me. Floors needed to be replaced. Walls needed to be repainted, and in the process, the rooms have been redecorated. I'm pleased to say that we are ready to entertain our friends in a new environment.

All of this re-do has put me in mind of the way God "redoes" us. We were created to bring glory to the Lord, but because of sin in our lives, we could not honor Him with what was due Him. Until a 'disconnection' was made between ourselves and the sin we lived in, God had no opportunity to change us. It was up to us to empty ourselves before God, and let Him create His vision in us. It was our job to present the project to the Creator, and give Him our lives to redo. Once that opportunity was given to Him, He began to clean us up, to renew us, from the inside out! No only were we 'flooded' with His love, we were saturated in His righteousness, and renewed by His salvation! God did not just 'redecorate' by painting over our sin with His blood, He filled us with newness, cleanliness and design that is perfect for us.

Now we are ready to bring Him glory as the Guest of Honor in our lives!