Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Facebook Ministry

Social networks like Facebook and MySpace can be abused, and I've heard complaints of people who have been 'stalked' and attacked by those who they'd accepted as friends. But, this posting will address the good things about these websites.

My involvement with Facebook came late into being. My adult children were constantly discussing it and who they'd reconnected with on the site. I thought it would be a good idea to join myself, to see who I might reconnect with from 'back home'. I had no idea then, what this website would mean to me.

It wasn't long before I found some friends from my childhood, and we spent time catching up on each other's lives. I found cousins and neices with whom I'd lost touch for one or another reason, and daily speak there to my daughters, hearing of their activities and of my grandchildren's accomplishments. It is a blessing to me to have this tool!

One morning as I was praying for some special needs for someone on my Facebook friends list, the Lord spoke to my heart, and I knew this was something He was urging me to do. So, that very morning, when I signed on, I sang as I typed the verse of a hymn into my status. I did this every morning for months. I knew it was a good use of Facebook, and that the message of Jesus and God the Father would make it's way to many eyes who otherwise would not 'hear' it. It was always an encouraging word to those who know Christ as Savior, or those who think they do, even if they've not yet truly made that decision. (and only God knows the heart!)

After having many tell me how the appreciate the 'uplifting words' I'd place there each day, I was being nudged in my Spirit to add a scripture verse each day as well. After all, the hymns, as wonderful as their message is, are words written by man. GOD's own Words needed to be shared! So...each day now, I think and pray about a verse to share. Often it is already on my mind upon waking; other times I think of a subject, and search for a verse that is perfect to share on that subject.

It is my belief that God is using Facebook as a tool for evangelism, one of encouraging the Saints and to edify the lives of others. I am grateful for His Spirit speaking to me about this, and am pleased to be used in this way. If you are reading this, I pray that you would pray for me as I minister in this way, that I'd have the right answers when those who are seeking come to question me about God and my faith. I also ask that you would pray for those who need the Lord to have their hearts pricked by the Word of God, and that they would choose to submit to His perfect will for their lives. Thank you all!