Tuesday, March 10, 2009


There is no doubt in my mind that the sun will rise today against this darkness before dawn. There is not an iota of fear in me that the great oceans will not continue kiss the soft cheek of the shores. I have faith that what I've known in the past will always be.

And yet, in reality, my faith in the sun's rising or in the ever-flowing tides of the sea, will not change what could happen at any time, should the Creator see fit to alter what we've come to know as routine. God is all powerful and He can do as He will with what He's created. Just as I crumple pages of scribbling, words I've written, artwork that displeases me, God can destroy anything He's made with a mere touch of His hand.

Therefore, my greatest faith does not revolve around the things in the earth. My faith is planted and grows and blossoms in the One who made all that we see and hear. Although I find great pleasure in watching the sun rise and seeing the waves come rhythmically to the sands at my feet, although it blesses my life and my heart to hear the bird song on the air, my belief is in Him and it is He that I worship and adore.

He, the Creator, is ever faithful and true. When all else changes, when His works of art fade or crumble, He will remain just as He has been from the beginning and will be 'til the end...unchangeable...the same yesterday, today and forever.

So, as I watch another sunrise through my kitchen window, as I hear the far-off sea in the files of my remembrance, I lift a heart of praise that God has granted me another day in which thank Him for being my Lord who never disappoints, who never leaves nor foresakes me, who is completely unchanged. Bless God!