Wednesday, September 30, 2009

God Has Time...

Thirty years ago while our children were sitting in the back seat of our car, my four year old asked, "Mommy, does God have a wife?" Her older and wiser seven year old sister answered, "Amy...God doesn't have TIME for a wife!"

In light of the fact that, to my knowledge, God doesn't have (or need) a wife, she may be right. But God does have time for the rest of us! So many times I've heard people say, "God's got enough to do without listening to my problems." There is no doubt that God has plenty to do, but I'm positive that He has time to listen and to act on our behalf.

There are fathers who don't take the time to sit and listen to their children as they babble on about whatever is on their young minds. There are many fathers who do, however. These are the fathers who know their children well. God is the best of all fathers, for He listens, He's concerned about our concerns, He knows us. He made us. How would you, as a parent, feel if your child never spoke to you? If you could see him or her living their lives, playing and talking with friends, being excited about something or upset about something, but never speaking to you about it, how would you feel?

Consider how God must feel when we live our lives, share with friends, but not with Him. What is it that our friends can do for us that God cannot do, and better? Why is it that some of us think that He isn't interested? He loves us! He is interested in every aspect of our lives, every emotion that we feel, every word we have to tell Him.

God has time...all the time in the world. Can we take a little time to speak and to listen to Him?