Saturday, March 12, 2011


Today you will notice a transformation in the blog's appearance. It needed it. I was not pleased with that blotchy bright red. It was not the 'real' me, and it was displeasing to my eye whenever I looked at it.

Hmmm....Am I pleasing to the Lord's eye? Or do I, myself, need transformation? Is my heart clean and pure, soft and compassionate as He desires it to be? Or, does He see it as hard, uncaring, blemished with dark sin?

What about my words? Are they what His ears would care to listen to? Are they praises and worship and songs of thanksgiving? Are they gentle in dealing with others, and truthful? Do they speak of God and His grace? Or are they full of my thoughts, my ideas, myself? Are they words that come from a love for God or from my own selfish nature? And my do they appear before the Lord? Are they heavily motivated by His Spirit and His love, are they done from an inspiration to share Him in my being? Or are they to bring myself into the spotlight?
Are they done for self-satisfaction and to be complimented?

As Christians, Christ should be our reason and our purpose. He should be our focus and our life.
We should do everything for Him, as He directs. When we look in our spiritual mirrors, do we see ourselves or do we see a reflection of Him? If we see anything that looks remotely like our self, we need to do some of clean up. Perhaps it's time for some examination...and some transformation.