Friday, March 12, 2010

Awesome God

Lord, last night I lay awake between midnight and 3 am, and many thoughts wiggled around in my tired head. I thought about You.

We call You an "awesome God." Well, yes...You are awesome, but what does that mean to us? (Not what does that mean for us.) The word 'awesome' has been watered down as it has become a part of our daily useage, and though it does define You in a very real way, I'm not sure that the word has the impact that it ought to when describing You.

If we were truly in awe when we think on You, or pray to You, or lift our praises to You, how could we possibly stand in an upright position. Should we not be thrown to the ground with an over-whelming realization that we are in the very presence of the only true and living GOD?!
Shouldn't we feel, as in the Old Testament, that we were not worthy of uttering the very name of God with our lips?

What amazes me, puts me in awe, is that You want anything to do with us, whom You have purposely created to be Your children, when we have wandered so far from what You desired us to be. We have disappointed You, and still, You adopted us into Your kingdom, made us 'blood relatives' , cared for us, and called us Your children. Even then, as we disappoint You, ignore You, choose our own willful ways, when we are ready to repent, You receive us, forgiving us again, as if nothing ever happened. That puts me in awe!

You do inspire awe within my heart and mind, Lord. It is no longer what You have made. It is not even what You do. It is WHO YOU ARE that causes me to know deep within my soul, that there is no other like You! I want to physically lie down on my face and rest in the thought that You are my own! And You are awesome!