Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Not Too Big...

Sometimes something or someone will come along, and I feel a bit overwhelmed. It is my natural inclination to jump up and fix whatever the problem is, but boy! I learned a long time ago that some things are not fixable, and most things are not my job to fix.  So I bring them to the Lord.

I have adopted a line which I say to myself when someone is living in a way that I know is displeasing to God. "He's not too big for God to handle."   I pray for them...and whenever the person's name pops into my head, I do it again. 

Similarly, when a problem shows itself, and it's a biggie, I turn it over to the Lord to unravel, or to show me how to work it through. But, while it's irritating me, instead of fussing and fuming, I say to myself..."It might be too big for you, but it's not too big for GOD!"

It's  a real comfort to know that burdens can become lighter when we have help to carry them!
Thank you, Lord for always being available to lift the weight from me...and for knowing how to deal with everything from small to great. Thank you for reminding me at just the right time that NOTHING is too big for YOU!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Building Blocks

Lord, there is so much in my life that was not pleasing in your sight. You know what those things were, and when I asked, you forgave me for them all. That has not been overlooked. I am so grateful for forgiveness and for your guidance and instruction that will make me a better Christian.

This morning I pray that you will search me and know my heart. If there are things or thoughts that displease you, please reveal them to me, that I might confess them and find forgiveness. Then, Father, I ask that you would replace these stumbling blocks with building blocks!

For every negative in life, you hold within yourself, a positive. As you build me upon your strong foundation, it is my desire that you would show me which are the strong blocks of faith. Build me, oh Lord, into the best and strongest follower that I can be. Let my own walls tumble down, but replace those walls, I pray, with a tower of strength in you!

Thank you, Lord God!  For all that YOU are, for all that I can grow to be in YOU, thank you!