Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Thoughts Pre-Easter

Easter bunnies, chicks and colored eggs line the shelves in the stores. Bonnets and patent leather shoes and frilly frocks await the wearing on that special Sunday in April. What has all that got to do with Easter?

I suppose I could stretch a point and say that all signify the newness that comes with Spring after a long winter's nap. I could really defend the pretty outfit by saying that it is significant of taking off the old and putting on the new. But the truth is, they have nothing to do with the true meaning of Easter.

Yes, Easter is about newness. We were deeply asleep in our sin. God saw we had no way to escape without a blood sacrifice. We, Christians awoke to know that Jesus Christ's horrible, painful death by hanging on the Cross put sin to death for all who will accept the sacrifice. We know that His resurrection on Easter morning gave us a new Hope for our own resurrection one day. When we accept Jesus as our own Savior and Lord, He gives us a new life to live. We must leave sin behind and wear the righteousness of Christ.

Easter baskets and bonnets do not show our love of the Lord or appreciation for his payment for the sin we deserve to die for. Let us remember to give God praise for all He is done, most of all for the gift of a new life He gave us when He gave up His own.