Saturday, May 21, 2011

No Time Like The Present...

It is Doomsday, according to some. It is the day of Judgment according to others. It is the day the world will end according to still others.  Of course, they are all entitled to their own opinions, beliefs and thoughts. As for me, I say, "Hogwash."  Today is Saturday, May 21, 2011...and it as special a day as any other more, no less (unless of course, you have a family event happening today.)

If the world truly ends today, a lot of people are going to be surprised.  Those without any spiritual beliefs at all may find that they should have had some. Those with beliefs in gods other than the only true and wise God may wish that they'd listened when they were told about worshipping false gods.  Those with beliefs that they've lived for as long as they've known their Savior will be the ones who reap the benefits of living a life for Him. I happen to believe that I'll be one of the latter. Whether I'm gifted with rewards or not, according to my works, is my least concern. Being with my Lord Jesus will be my greatest reward, whenever that occurs and however it does.

All this talk of 'the end of the world' on any specific date, is in my opinion, false teaching. My Bible, which I believe to be the perfect and infallible Word of God, tells me to turn a deaf ear when told to go this way or that, but to keep my eye on the goal.  My eyes are ever upon Jesus, and if they stay there, I won't be swayed by false teachers or untruths. 

For those who do not yet know the truth of Jesus Christ, I pray that they will come to know Him and all that He stands for. I pray that they will yield to Him and His teachings, that they will be ready to meet Him when that day comes. It may be morning, maybe noon, maybe in the evening. We will know, when we see Jesus, whether our beliefs were truths or falsehoods.  I just hope that we're all ready to meet Him. If you aren't, and you know you aren't,  please make it a priority. There's no time like the present to get things right with God.