Monday, March 1, 2010


For the last week, I have beens suffering the pain of a pulled muscle in my back. If I get into position, I'm as comfortable as is possible. I can sit, I can stand, but the getting to either position is so painful that moans escape from me without warning.

The other day it occured to me that I should call for help. Oh, yes...I have been praying for myself and my condition, but the Word of God tells us that we should pray for one another and our needs. James 5:14 tells us that if any are sick among us, we should call the elders to annoint us with oil in the name of the Lord and to pray over us, and the Lord will restore us.

I have not seen this practiced in our church in the year that we have been there, although I have heard it mentioned that the men were going to do this for a shut-in. I approached the Pastor and asked if the elders would please annoint me and pray, that this back would be healed. Yesterday, after our alter call, the elders and the congregation gathered around me, laying hands upon me as the Pastor placed oil on my forehead and prayed. There were many speaking out in agreement as the Pastor prayed for the Lord's blessing of healing on my body. I believe God will do what His Word says. I am already healed, although my back still feels the twinges of pain.

When the prayers ended, one man took my hand and he said, "Rise up and walk." With difficulty, but with a smile, I said..." I will walk...and I'm praising the Lord....but I'll have to wait for the 'leaping' part of that verse."

Do we believe in what we cannot see, or only in what we do see and experience? I don't. I beleive God's Word which tells me that "Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things unseen." (Heb 11:1) I believed when I asked for prayer that God would answer. I believed after the prayers that I have been healed. But, having said that, the pain goes on. I choose to believe, still, that what was requested has been accomplished. Even though the enemy would taunt me and tempt me to listen to his lies that if there is pain, there is no healing, I believe the Truth over the lies.

I am healed... I will faithfully wait upon the Lord for the evidence.