Tuesday, October 5, 2010

With a Grateful Heart

Lord, it is with a grateful heart that I come to You this morning. You do so much for me that tends to be overlooked. I know that You know that I don't purposely ignore You and all that You do, and perhaps I've no excuse. But, there are days when it seems that I'm so busy that I don't remember to say 'thank you', even if I remember what it is that You've done.

Maybe that's why You tell us in Your Word to 'Be still and know that I am God." When I find those quiet moments in which I can be still and reflect upon You, I realize so many things. I remembered the prayers which were prayed and I see what Your answers were. When I look around me, I realize all that You have granted me in my life, which makes my life more comfortable. Even the fact that I can sit and 'listen' to You in stress-free moments is a wonderful gift. The word and meaning of 'stress-free' is also a tremendous offering from You.

The world around me...the colors, the views, the amazing environment....it's all so overwhelming, when I sit back and think about it. All You had to do was 'think' it into being. Not only did You think 'tree', You made each type of tree....fir, pine, disiduous. Not only did You think 'color', You spoke hues and shades of each color. What Your thought resulted in was an overwhelming beauty that we might notice, but not offer thanks for.

Lord God, Creator of all things...I give you thanks. Not just for the creation You spoke into being, but for everything that You have brought into my life. For every pain that I've endured and You have allowed, for it has brought with it some meaningful lesson. For every moment that You've kept Your hand upon me, enveloping me in Your care even when I was unaware of it, I praise You. So many things, Lord, swim through my thoughts right now....and I thank you for each one.

More than all else, Father, I lift my gratitude for Your love and Your tremendous plan of salvation which You made known to me. Without that message, without Your plan, I'd be wandering lost and alone, but because You made a way, I belong, eternally, to You! And, my heart is full of thanksgiving. Bless God...