Thursday, February 18, 2010


Sometimes it's hard to be all that You want us to be, Lord. Thankfully You know us well enough to know that, even if, even when, we fail at our attempts, we really do try to obey You.

When I look in the mirror, I realize that I'm so imperfect, according to what Your Word tells us. When I look deep into my heart, I recognize that my love isn't quite strong enough, and when I glance into my head, I see thoughts that are so displeasing to me...and definitely to You!

I long to be as perfect a human being as I can possibly be...without any negative thinking or judgements or sin anywhere within me. In my spirit, I wish I could go back in time, and erase everything I've ever done that caused Your death or Your disappointment. But I cannot do that, so You did it for me. What a wonderous love You have brought to me! When I was a wayward soul, walking far from You,
did You give up on my return? No...instead, You whispered again and again, calling me back to You. You tugged on those cords that held me to You, an anchor in my self inflicted storms. I took a beating in those days, but the Anchor held strong, and I wasn't left to drift alone in the life-threatening waves. You held on, even while I didn't.... and eventually, when I was ready to hear Your whispers above the storm, You told the storms to "Be still"... and I returned home to You, like the prodigal.

Lord, You are so good to me! How can I help but love You? I have grown enough to know that, and to desire nothing more than walking closely with You. Stay near, O Lord! And guide me as I go, that my feet would never again wander from the path You've set me on.