Saturday, June 27, 2009

His Eye is on the Sparrow

This morning, I watched a baby Mockingbird hopping around the yard, going this way and that. Unfolding his wings, he fanned his feathers, just like the older birds of his kind do. This little ball of fuzzy feathers could not yet fend for himself and could not yet fly. I noticed that one of the parent birds sat high on a roof, watching over the young one, as the other parent made numerous trips to and fro, bringing back a mouthful of bug or berries to place in the tiny beak. If the guardian bird felt that the smaller one was in danger of human or animal threat, the adult would dive and squeal toward the predator with a vengence. The parents would continue their activities until such time as the baby would learn to feed himself and take flight from the earth.

As I watched the parents meet the needs of their young charge, as they continued to guard from a distance near enough to provide protection, but far enough to allow abit of learning and independence, I could not help but liken the scene to the way the Lord cares for us, His young.

God knows that we cannot live without Him. He watches from on high, aware of our every move, knowing that, on our own, we have no real direction. He watches always, but allows us to make our own choices. He speaks to us, reminding us that He is always near and that He has b better way for us to go. He protects from predators, allowing only what is in His perfect will. He provides for us, making sure we are well fed. The day will come when we, too, will take flight from this earth, to soar the Heavens. Until then, our Father cares for us.

I am grateful for this lesson the Creator shared with me.