Monday, March 30, 2009

Random Thoughts About God

Who can describe God? So often we try, but no matter how well we think we know Him, it's impossible to describe the Majestic Almighty God.

We can pin attributes on Him and say what He is or how He thinks. But we humans can only think in a humanly spiritual way. His Word tells us that our thoughts are not His thoughts, and so I wonder how closely we can guess as to the attributes of God.

Why do we attempt to describe God, anyway? We know that He IS, has always BEEN, will always BE. We know, from the Bible, that He has no beginning and no end. We know, too, that He is all-knowing, always present. Isn't it enough to know those things, without having to describe Him?

I guess it isn't, for daily, someone is attempting to tell someone else what God is like. We say that God is Love...the giver of Love, the only real Love there is. We say that God is Truth, He is the Light, He is Salvation, He is Perfect, He is Wise, He is Creator, He is no respector of persons, but accepts each of us as we are. He is all of those and more, as taught by His own Word.

We try to describe God so that others might come to know Him the way we know Him. We don't need to describe Him. We need to offer Him. We need to invite others to meet Him. We need to tell others what God has done for us. We need to share Him. We need to place our friends in His hands. God will show Himself without our descriptions.

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